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We seek to build meaningful partnerships with organizations who share our values and goals, to show mutual support, improve each others’ impacts, and foster mutual long-term success.

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    We welcome and appreciate attention and awareness in any supportive form during our current start-up phase

    To receive a seal of support, email us with “seal of support” as the subject line. Indicate whether you’d like electronic seals for websites/apps or tangible seals (including quantity and sizes).

    Seal of Support

    To become an Advisory Board member and officially weigh in on our methods and ratings, please email us with “advisory group request” as the subject line.

    Learn more about our Advisory Board.


    To make a financial contribution
    Where your money will go:

    Funding will be used to support short-term operations and growth, specifically structural organization, staff development (including fair wages), implementation of short-term and long-term technology, implementation of short-term and long-term branding and marketing, and legal structuring.

    For more information about how Footprint plans to change the world, check out our Future Plans and Ideas section.